How to Make Homemade Tire Shine on Your Own

A clean car is one of the best feelings any car owner can have. With a clean car you want to have clean wheels and tires. The biggest problem is keeping those tires and wheels clean often you can have a clean car but after a few miles on the road you can end up with dirty tires. There are already pre-made solutions you can buy but they come at a cost. Check our best tire shine reviews for the best solution and make your cost effective. If you don’t, there are alternatives.

Instead of just buying a canned solution from a store, many car owners have opted to make their own. The main reasons you want to make your own is you know what the ingredients are and you can choose more environmentally friendly ingredients. You can also mix up a large batch and have it ready. Easily transfer the ready made mix to any number of different application choices. 

The first of course is a spray bottle that can be reused and carried with you in the car to have at all times. A bucket or other container you can keep in the garage and at the ready for when you need it. You also control the costs since you are choosing what goes into it. You can easily make as much or as little as you want or need. 

So now that we have seen the positives of Homemade tire shine. Let’s look at some different ones that are easy to make and require almost nothing. All you need is some time and a little effort and you will have your own tire dressing. 

Let’s start making your own environmentally friendly tire shine.

Borax & Lemon Oil Is A Good Way To Get A Shine

Homemade Tire Shine Ingredients Dish Soap
Homemade Tire Shine Ingredients Borax
Homemade Tire Shine Ingredients Lemon Oil

This first type of homemade tire shine is going to have 3 major ingredients and 2 more things like a bucket and a towel. 

First you will need a bucket to mix the ingredients together. The bucket can be an old paint bucket or a new bucket you bought from the auto parts store. Make sure it is clean and ready. 

We start with ordinary dish soap any kind works you need 3 tablespoons of it add that to the bucket. Next you need either Borax or soap flakes. This is entirely up to you which you use and in some areas Borax is more prevalent then soap flakes. Either works the same and you need 2/4 of a cup of either. The final ingredient is lemon oil. The lemon oil is a powerful and safe degreaser. Add some roughly 2.5 gallons of warm or as hot as you can stand water. 

Once you mix the ingredients take a soft bristle brush and scrub your tires. After cleaning the tires, you will simply wash off the solution with some water. You can buff the tire with a clean towel but that last step is optional.

Baby Oil Is Not Only Good For Skin

Homemade Tire Shine Ingredients Baby Oil

This next homemade tire dressing is an even simpler ingredient list consisting of 3 ingredients. Take a bucket of your choice and add 2 cups of baby oil, 2 tablespoons of dish soap and mix in 1.5 gallons of warm to as hot water as you can handle. Once this is mixed up simply apply using a soft bristle brush and rinse off with water.

Homemade tire shine is a perfect way to ditch the expensive and chemical laden commercial tire dressing solutions you can buy off the shelf. All of the above mixes can be altered to best suit your needs. Get a couple of spray bottles and keep them in the car as well as in the car for an instant homemade tire shine.