Simple Guide to Install Car License Plate Frame

Nothing adds that final touch to your new car like a catchy license plate frame. Whether it be some sassy saying or your favorite basketball team, it can be that last piece to bring it all together. You may want to check our best license plate frame reviews if you want one.

All cars and trucks can be different. Some use four fasteners and some use just two. The very first step is to identify what type of fastener is used. Identify the type of fastener it is by looking at the head of it.

Some of the many types of fasteners include

  • Phillips head screw
  • Flathead screw
  • Allen head bolt
  • Hex bolt

Choosing the right tool is key to this. Using the wrong tool can cause the head of the fastener to become damaged. This may lead to special tools being needed to remove a damaged screw.

Another commonly overlooked aspect of installing a new license plate frame is that sometimes, someone in the past may have tried this before and used mismatched hardware to reinstall the license plate and frame. It is always best practice to use the correct matching hardware if this has happened. Most new plate frames come with new hardware and it is always important to see if yours does.

Once the right tool has been identified, remove the screws from the license plate and set the old frame and plate frame to the side.

It is best practice to wash the area covered by the license plate at this time. You want to clean this area since it rarely ever gets washed. Dirt and bugs can damage the paint.

Now is the time for you to install your license plate into the frame while the area dries. Most plate frames have tabs on them to hold the plate so it is all one assembly. Insert the plate so all four tabs are securing the license plate to the plate frame.

screw caps installation

Once you have cleaned the area, you are ready to install the new license plate and frame. Make sure you have all matching hardware like stated before. Install all the bolts that came off during removal (if your new frame did not come with new hardware) and make sure they are very tight. Having your license plate fall off can lead to tickets and DMV fees, which are never fun.

Do this for both the front and rear if you are replacing both.

Drive your car around for the day and make sure to recheck the bolts that they are tight.