Best Tool Chest Reviews in 2019

Finding a useful tool chest can save you a lot of hassle. But there are so many of them out there that it can be challenging to find the right one. Knowing what to look for can make purchasing the best tool box a whole lot easier.

Why You Need a Good Tool Chest

Tools are not cheap, which is why you need reliable, heavy-duty protection for them. Finding the right tool chest is easier said than done, but it is a ‘must’ for everyone who owns a nice set of tools.

There are tool chests out there that cater to different needs. There are tool chests for mechanics, home garages, and outdoor use. These can store all of your tools in one convenient location so that you are not haphazardly misplacing them while you’re hard at work. Many of them have over a dozen drawers, which gives you more room to sort them out. The better you can organize your tools, the quicker you can access them.

Tool chests made with heavy-duty materials creates a safe barrier between your tools and the environment. Many of them also come with locks so that no one can break into your chest and steal your tools. Being able to unlock every drawer with the same tumbler lock and key keeps things simple as well as secure.

With that, here are the 10 best tool chest reviews for 2019.

No 1. Akro-Mils 10144D Hardware and Craft Cabinet

If you are looking for the best tool chest for your smaller items, then the Akro-Mils cabinet might be right for you. This cabinet comes in a fine black finish and has a polystyrene frame that can sustain high impacts.


You can stack this cabinet or mount it on the wall using its keyhole slots. The drawers are divided so that you can easily sort and store tools together. There are plenty of smaller drawers for differently sized nails and screws, and there are finger grips for easy use.

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No 2. Dewalt TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer

This Dewalt tool chest is a heavy-duty tool organizer that comes with metal latches. A long handle with a grip surface that makes it easy to carry. It is a portable addition fit for any tool collection.

The Dewalt tool chest’s side latches make it easy to stack the units on top of each other. Additionally, there are removable covered cups that can be used for storing small items. All of the metal on the box is rust-resistant and made of high quality material.

The TSTAK is ideal for beginners who are just starting their tool collection and want to diversify it with a portable box. It is the best tool box for anyone needing something with a good grip. The lower area can fit a corded drill and oscillating tool.

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No 3. 14-Inch Waterloo Portable Series Tool Box

This Waterloo tool box is American-made and comes with a one-year warranty. But don’t plan on anything getting too severely damaged. This box is heavy-duty. The comfort grip handle and lightweight nature (it only weighs one pound empty) make it easy to carry.

It is made from polypropylene and has molded in color that makes it durable. It is rain-proof even though it is not watertight. The Waterloo tool box holds screws, pliers, and screwdrivers with no problem and can also be sat on while you take a much-needed break.

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No 4. Stanley 028001L 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox

The Stanley 02001L provides plenty of space for your hand tools and power tools. This structural foam toolbox has a soft grip on its handle that makes it comfortable to carry, which is a huge bonus if you’re on-the-go a lot.

One of the most helpful features of Stanley is that it is a waterproof tool box. Its watertight seal keeps moisture from getting into the box and damaging your tools. The half-tray is removable and creates plenty of space for your bigger tools. Also, the latches are both scratch and rust resistant, and they are known to last.

This box is capable of carrying heavy loads. It isn’t lightweight, either; this box weighs just over 10 pounds. Be prepared to use some muscle to carry it.

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No 5. Keter 241008 Masterloader

If you are looking for a plastic tool box, then the Keter 241008 Masterloader has compartmentalized bins and a tool divided on the inside to help you organize. This big rolling bin fits well in your home garage but is also easy to take with you on the job.

This is not a waterproof tool box, but it does a thorough job of protecting tools. The top bin layers slide apart, opening up into the lower area of the bin. This tool chest has 7-inch rolling wheels and an extendable handle for easy toting. Besides, it weighs 13 pounds by itself and is so heavy-duty. Hence you can load it up with a lot of tools.

This bin is ideal for mechanics, electricians, and plumbers who need something they can have by their side while they are on the move. The exterior can take a lot of damage, so don’t worry about beating it up.

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No 6. US Art Supply Artist Wood Pastel Pen Marker Storage Box

If your tools are more along the lines of paintbrushes, carving tools, or oil pastels, you might want to consider getting a wooden tool chest. The US Art Supply Artist Wood Pastel has eight separate dividers that make sorting your tools simple. On the outside, two locking clasps help to keep the lid securely in place.

Since this is a wood tool box, it is lightweight and easy to carry. At 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep, artists can fit quite a few tools into the bottom area. The tricky part will be finding a way to keep certain materials away from each other since there are some things you will not want mixing or seeping into the wood.

This box can pair with other wooden boxes designed by US Art Supply for even more diverse storing capabilities.

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No 7. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox

Sometimes, you have to spend more to get more. And that is why many people invest in a Craftsman tool chest. The Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox weighs in at a bulky 19 pounds empty. So you’d better believe it is crafted from high-quality metal. But, because it is so heavy, this tool chest is probably best left stationary.

When the lid latched, the drawers lock solidly into place, thereby securing your tools. The plain sliding drawers are an excellent alternative to ball-bearing ones, which are sometimes cheaply produced and prone to breaking. The top tray is 2.5 inches deep while the drawers beneath it are all 2 inches deep. With this much space, you can fit a 200-piece toolset while maintaining the right level of organization.

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No 8. WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

Need a tool box that doubles as a comfortable seat? Then the WEN 73015 might be the right chest for you. This box features multi-layered padded that is protected by durable vinyl. There are four 2-1/2-inch ball bearing swivel casters that allow the WEN to move fluidly in any given direction. It can come in handy when you need to grab something quickly.

The WEN holds up to 350 pounds of items with evenly distributed weight. Two folding magnetic trays can help you better sort out your nails, bolts, and screws, leaving your bigger items for other compartments. It measures 16 inches in height, so you can stretch your legs a little as you sit on the padded bench up top. This metal tool box can support the average sized adult who needs to take a load off while working.

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No 9. Milwaukee 26-inch Job-site Tool Box

This Milwaukee tool chest can carry up to 200 pounds and has 3,400 cubic inches of available space – more than enough for most tools. At 12 inches in height, the inner area offers a lot of versatility.

Crafted from impact-resistant material and designed with buttressed hinges, the Milwaukee can take a beating. The integrated weather seal gasket will keep your tools free from moisture, and the lid locks securely into place.

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No 10. Giantex 2-piece Mini Tool Chest

Need something massive? The Giantex is perfect for a home garage or mechanic’s shop. The handled top chest is detachable and has three drawers for organization. You can store your tools inside after you flip the locks and open the lid.

The four wheels swivel, making moving the cabinet movable. Open up the lower cabinet to use the two-tiered shelves for bigger tools. Power tools, tape rolls, and other bulky items can fit here with no problem. There are also multiple hooks on the inside of the door. They can be adjusted and put into different holes set into the door.

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Tool Chest Buying Guide

Finding the best tool chest to fit your needs can be challenging. A lot of tool chests are too small or not designed for the utmost in terms of utility. There are a few features that are essential when getting a new tool chest.


First, finding something that will sit or stand securely upright or that can be mounted onto the wall is paramount. Some chests will tip if overloaded. This is why security is so important. Having proper locking mechanisms can also assist with this. So getting a chest that already has locking drawers or drawers that can be modified to lock is helpful.


Getting something with pivoting wheels is necessary if you plan on putting a lot of heavy tools into your tool chest. The best tool chest should also have a handle with a comfortable grip so that you can lug your tool chest between job sites or even around the garage while you work.

Watertight Closings

Just remember, a lot of tool chests are marketed as water-resistant when, in fact, they do let some water in. Most tool chests can withstand some rain, but many cannot be submerged in water at all. Look for those that have actual watertight seals if you are worried about moisture seeping in.

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