Best Windshield Sun Shade Reviews in 2019

A right windshield sun shade is a simple and effective way of reducing the heat that builds up inside a vehicle. They are simple to add to a car, and the best car sunshade for a car is cost-effective. Finding the right car shade can be difficult because we generally do not know what we need or where to start looking for it.

Types of Windshield Sunshades

The driver’s needs, size, and shape of windows determine what the right kind of shade is. The different types of sunshades provide different levels of use and convenience.

Custom-Fit & Collapsible

A custom model window shade is one made to fit the model of a specific car. The dimensions are manufactured specifically for the size of the window so it can be covered entirely. This is a full-coverage screen that folds up and out easily.

Universal-Fit & Collapsible

A universal-fit shade is one that can fit most types of vehicles. It will not fit them perfectly, but it should be close. There may be gaps along the edges of the screen, but it will prevent most of the light and heat transfer from entering the car.

Accordion Style

Accordion-style windshield sunscreens fold in and out as an accordion does. This makes it easy for them to be put up and taken down and stored. They are a generic type of window sun shield that is cost-effective and functional.

Taking all into consideration, we will introduce the best 10 windshield sun shade products.

No 1. Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

The Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade is a semi-transparent shade with the darkest level possible. It is larger than the average shade. It comes with two transparent shades and two semi-transparent sunshades. It also comes with a storage pouch for easy storage.

It offers full ultraviolet protect with the highest quality materials: 15s static and a protective 80 GSM mesh film. Made to overlap the window shield, and driver’s side window, the cover can sit any size car, minivan or SUV.

The shade measures 20’x12′ and folds up into sections that make it fit smoothly into the included travel pouch — no adhesives or suction cups on the window shade.

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No 2. EzyShade Windshield Sun Shade + Extra Item

The EzyShade windshield sun shade comes ready to use. This is the best windshield sun shade for any vehicle. It comes in three different sizes, small, medium, and maximum. This best fit, best coverage feature can cover any vehicle. The manufacturer provides a sizing chart to help make the shade fit snuggly with a little overlap.

The Ezyshade windshield sun shade comes with its travel bag. This makes it easy to use and store without added hassle to the user. It comes in two pieces just for this reason. The pieces fit snuggly into the windshield and stack and fold together when putting away.

It comes ready to protect the car from UV rays and helps to prevent damage to the vehicle’s interior. This also keeps the car cooler and drivable after being left in the sun.

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No 3. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

EcoNour car windshield sun shade comes in four different sizes to fit all types of vehicles: classic, standard, large, and x-large. There is also a handy size chart that goes with them so the windshield sun visor can fit correctly.

The EcoNour car sun shade is easy to pop out and fold back up directly into the included storage back and stored in the door of the car. This high-quality screen fits the interior of the car windshield snugly and grips without added suction.

The best windshield sun shade design is one that protects the LCD screens of most electronics. This one does the job of protecting these screens, GPS devices, and other standard electronics. It also protects the car dashboard and seats from fading or cracking in the rays of the sun.

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No 4. Windshield Sunshade by A1 Shades

The Windshield Sunshade by A1 Shades has a windshield sun shade to fit any size windshield. There are seven different size shades for all kinds of vehicles. They range in size from extra small to 3 extra-large. Thought most sizes above large are too large for conventional cars. The larger sizes are for RVs and above.

The window shield sun shades from A1 protect the car from the heat. We all like getting in our car without having the heat pour out of the car onto us. This type of sun shield reflects light and heat out of the car and not into the car.

The A1 shade is easy to use and store. It is a 2-piece system that connects in the center of the windshield. The windshield sun shade is fabric, so it is tough enough to withstand years of use.

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No 5. Enovoe Car Window Shade

The Enovoe windshield sunshade protects the car like it protects the people in the car. The sun shield mesh blocks up to 97 % of ultraviolet rays from entering the car. This keeps the car temperature controlled even on the hottest days and can protect those riding in the car while it is in use.

It has a dual-layer design of mesh that makes this sun shields easy to see out of and protects from the sun. This keeps the car cooler even when it is in use for those all over the car.

The Enovoe car window shade is a four-pack that can cover multiple windows all over the car, from the windshield to the backseat windows. They are also easy to put up and store when not in use in the free storage pouch.

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No 6. Magnelex Car Windshield Sunshade

The Magnelex windshield sunshade comes in two different sizes, large and extra-large. This ensures that the full-size car, SUV, truck, and Van is wholly covered. It allows for overlap, which is vital for sun leaks and cracks.

The Magnelex windshield sunshade is the highest quality reflective polyester material at 210T. It helps keep the sun and the heat out of the vehicle. Also, it protects against the possible damage the sun can cause from continuous exposure.

The Magnelex windshield sunshade comes with its storage bag for easy storage when not in use. It also protects the steering wheel from cracking from exposure to the sun when sun shield not in use. Magnelex provides a handy chart to help fit windshield visor before purchasing. The best car sun shade should be an exact fit with a bit of overlap to cover the winds completely and prevent cracks.

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No 7. Car Sun Sade Window Shield Protector

The best car sun shade protector by Shade Pro regulates the temperature in the car. The car sunshade by Shade Pro blocks the sun and keeps the interior temperature controlled through the protective 210T fabric.

The windshield by Shade Pro is thicker than other types of windshield shades to better block out the UV rays that are harmful to the interior of the vehicle. It prevents the cracks that form on the seats, dashboard, and steering wheel during extreme heat and sun while preventing fading.

The shade is made to be in one complete piece for easy folding and storage to set up. It is also wide enough to cover the edges of the windshield to prevent any light from entering the car.

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No 8. FORTEM Car Windshield Sunshade

FORTEM car windshield sun shade is a foldable nylon shade that comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The dimensions of each are listed from 59″ to 63″ long and 27.5″ to 34″ wide. These dimensions provide the groundwork for adequately fitting the car windshield and blocking the sun and heat.

FORTEM car windshield sun shade blocks the UV rays of the sun, which damage a car’s interior. This means the dashboard, seats, and steering wheel will not end up cracking over time and will not fade from exposure.

The car shade is high-quality nylon which is easy to unfold and fold up as needed. The way it is made provides reflective material to reflect the rays of the sun outside the car. This keeps the interior of the car cool while it stays parked in the sun.

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No 9. Car Windshield Sunshade UV Protector Shield

Car windshield sunshade by Coveted Shade uses a reflective metallic surface to reflect the harmful rays of the sun outside the car. This helps keep the interior of the car cool when it is left sitting in the sun.

The windshield sun visor offers UV protection for the interior of the car to prevent damage to the seats, steering wheel, and dashboard. Ultraviolet light cracks leather and plastic and fades cloth. The windshield visor prevents this and keeps the car looking factory new.

The best windshield sun shade is easy to put up and easy to store. The windshield sunshade by Coveted Shade is both. It’s designed to pop in, and out of the window quickly. Also, it is easily stored in the free sunshade pouch once it is folded in on itself.

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No 10. Ohuhu Windshield Sunshade

The Ohuhu windshield sunshade comes in two different sizes to help fit car, truck, and SUV window shields. They measure 63×33.86 and 65.7×36.4 inches in dimensions. This makes it easy to fit into multiple types of windshields.

This sunshade offers complete UV protection preventing the cracking of seats, dashboards and steering wheels. Also, it stocks them from fade from sun exposure. This saves the interior from years of damage all year long.

The setup system makes it easy to pop up and put away as needed for temperature controlling the interior of the car. Besides, it prevents the interior of the car from reaching extreme temperatures in the sun.

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Windshield Sun Shade Buying Guide

A good sunshade has many features that are dependent on what kind of vehicle it is going into. These include:


The best sun shade to fit the windshield snugly, but not so snuggly it’s easy to remove. Some sunshades come with extra material to overlap a bit onto the car dashboard and ceiling for complete coverage.


Most typical sunshades have an aluminum foil that reflects the sun’s rays outside of the car. Many are coming with specially woven fabrics to help hold the car shade in place. The materials are usually a type of polyester with a reflective coating that reflects the sun out of the car.

Ease of Use

It should be an easy thing to add to a windshield or attach to a side or rear window. It should not be a process to put it away either. This means finding one that provides maximum coverage and is easy to use.


There are a couple of different styles of sunscreens to consider when researching the item.

  • 1-piece: This is one complete unit made of a foldable fabric or an aluminum foil foldout. The design of it requires it to be completely unfolded and slid onto the windshield of the vehicle.
  • 2-piece: This type of sunscreen is two sunscreens. After putting up on the windshield, they either hook together in the middle or snap snuggly together.
  • Multi-piece: This is a kit that comes with up to 4 different size screens that can be adhered to the windows around the car that fit them the best.

Main Use

While there are similar designs for the window shades, there are multiple things to consider when picking out one that will work best. If this is a car that will stay parked for hours, a multi-pack might be something to consider as the angle of the sun rotates around the car.

If this is a sunscreen that needs to protect a child or back seat passengers, a multi-pack or see-through mesh screens for backseats are a consideration. It will keep the sun off of any small children and protect them from heat exposure.


The best window shade screen requires research, and knowing the size of the window will fit. The best one will be one that utilizes all of the above requirements without breaking the monthly budget.

Finding the right windshield visor for a car means accurately measuring the windshield before use and researching the functionality of the design and materials it is made of. It should also be able to stay in place on its own without the use of external adhesives that can damage a car or make it challenging to use daily. It should be simple to use item that is easily stored and used as needed.

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